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Modern accountants work digitally with their clients. We have been working with online accounting software for quite some time now, digitising and automating our records. Our structured online administration allows us to respond more quickly and makes us a primary advisor, while you get the right information faster and more scope for your enterprise.
Doing business has become a complex task. Fast-changing legislation and regulations, start-up procedures which are often difficult, demanding stakeholders: in short, a great many matters for which you, the entrepreneur, must make time for without losing sight of your core business.
This is why our professional services are aimed at taking care of your administrative, accounting and tax affairs in the broadest sense of the words leaving you to focus on what really matters.
Kristof Verloo
Kristof Verloo
Nathalie Creten
Nathalie Creten
Joni Vanderveken
ACompagnie is a service-oriented agency in the field of accountancy and tax matters in the fullest sense. Headed by Nathalie Creten and Kristof Verloo, the agency monitors and supervises the accounting for a large number of SMEs and smaller commercial businesses in several sectors.

Both have Master's degrees in Commercial Sciences, majoring in Accountancy. Kristof Verloo also gained an additional diploma for graduating from the Fiscale Hogeschool Brussels in Fiscal Sciences.

We handle your dossier from the very beginning.

When you start up your commercial business (company or sole proprietorship), we make sure that you make the right choices. Initially, we advise you which trading form will be the best solution in your case. We discuss important financing and investment decision beforehand so that there are no unpleasant surprises later. Such an analysis gives you, the entrepreneur, better insight into your company's potential.

We then go on to put together a financial plan, ensure a close collaboration with the lawyer for the drawing up of the memorandum of association, fulfil your VAT formalities and apply for the company registration number... in short, we take care of all the start-up formalities for you, step by step.

Full or partial outsourcing of your bookkeeping

We process, correct, and verify all your bookkeeping documents, both at your location and at our office. In the meantime, you can expect feedback from us on the results booked, in order to ultimately come to a definite assessment at the end of the year. We will also ensure that your annual accounts are filed and verify that you are meeting all your legal obligations.

Tax audit, disputes, planning…

We offer advice on tax matters and help you to submit your tax returns, both for the company and for you personally. Any queries the tax authority may have will be answered, we provide assistance in the event of a tax audit and defend you against the tax authority if there are disputes. Not only do we offer a general package of services, we are also open to specific cases.


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